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Equine-assisted work honors the natural behavior of horses and herds.  Horses are skilled at keeping themselves safe and adept at survival; their natural behaviors are optimal for mental and physical health. In many respects, humans have lost the instinct to keep themselves safe and healthy.  We entrust horses to show us the way back to health.  Work and observation in the horse world lends itself to extremely powerful metaphors into our own patterns, strengths, and the nonverbal messages we send out. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy implements the power of equine-assisted philosophies and exercises to introduce therapy clients to themselves in a modality that has been found to be more efficient and less threatening than traditional talk therapy. 
Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is a field of practice based on the successes of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We have learned that everyone can benefit from equine-assisted work - not just therapy clients. EAL uses equine-assisted philosophies and exercises in a variety of "arenas" from corporate retreats, to church groups, personal coaching, parenting and family dynamics and more!

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Changing Gaits would like to say thank you Kraus-Anderson.

They Built and donated a loading ramp for our guests. 
2 Days later we got a visit from three very special kids
Alex, Haley and Matt who were able to ride because of the work Kraus-Anderson Put in. Ramp pics


In a vision during the  night, I saw a man sitting on a red horse that was standing among some myrtle trees in a small valley. Behind him were red, brown, and white horses, each with it's own rider. i asked the angel who was talking with me,"My lord, what are all these horses for?" "I will show you," the angle replied. "They are the ones that Lord has sent out to patrol the earth." Zac 1:8-10

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A picture taken out at the ranch

In Loving Memory Of

Born March 29, 1976
Died May 24, 2014
Age 38 Years

Justin arrived at Changing Gaits March 2012 broken, battered, struggling with his addiction alcoholism. slowly very slowly Justin started to trust God. He started picking up his bible. He loved reading out of his Jesus Calling book. His quiet calm Demeanor and his background in the military brought out leadership qualities. In time he became our resident manager. God restored his relationship with his son Grady and his ex wife Shannon.
Before long Justin had 16 months clean. He left and stopped working his program and fell. He came back again for a short period of time and struggled with depression only to leave and fall even harder for several months but because of his relationship with Jesus Christ he checked himself into treatment in the fall of 2013. He arrived back at the ranch Feb 1st 2014. He was making strides and working his program in hopes of rekindling his relationship with his son Grady that he loved so dearly. His depression finally got the best of him and he took his life, way too soon. His favorite horse to ride was Orion that he loved spending time with. He loved his mom and sister and his son.

To Justin everything was a knueter valve. He loved to make us all laugh.
Justin had an incredible sense of humor. He would keep a straight face when telling a joke and pull everyone in. 

I loved Justin like a son. words can not express just how much we loved him and will miss him. Please tell all the gang from CGI hello up there. make them all smile and laugh up in heaven like you did for us down here.

In Loving Memory Of

Born June 11, 1992
Died April 1, 2014
Age 21 Years, 9 Months and 21 Days

Anthony arrived at the ranch on 3-20-14. Though we were blessed with Anthony presence for just a short moment, His smile and attitude was infectious. He loved the Lord with all of his heart. He was in the bible all the time and was eager to be set free from his addiction by Jesus Christ. My daughter in law Lanie Schaber met him on march 30th 2014. She came out for a horseback ride with the rest of my family. Anthony assisted Lanie to get on a horse named Akita. Lanie mentioned to me "what an incredible blue aura" she noticed around Anthony as she sat up on the horse.

  Anthony knew that John Wayne was my hero and days before his passing he picked up a beautiful knife with John Wayne pictures all over it. The very next day Anthony did volunteer work for Nancy the Office coordinator and to his surprise Nancy took him to a shop and picked up an antique knife and it was the happiest Nancy had ever seen in him.
The day of his funeral a bald eagle flew over. Twice since then at the ranch Anthony has flown over and once his grandparents were here to wittiness him.

  Anthony we love you and miss you and will never forget you. Keep flying by every once in a while and say hi.

We Will Miss You

Annie Rose Lemieux-Betlach, 27, of Stacy died on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 in Newport, Minnesota.

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