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Meet The Staff
Founder, Executive Director, President, and Lead Equine Specialist In 2004, Guy Kaufman opened the stable doors of Changing Gaits, Inc., combining his love for horses and his extensive background in horse training with his passion for helping people. With the opening of Changing Gaits Guy, a certified Equine Specialist, helped bring the groundbreaking field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to Minnesota. Having been through the process of being healed from an addiction, Guy knows what it's like on both sides of the saddle and he wants to help others break free as well. From working with youth in a  recovery facility to working with licensed counselors to plan therapy sessions, his experience and background make him an in demand speaker at facilities that specialize in drug and alcohol addiction. Through it all Guy is passionate about serving, and he dedicates his life to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The philosophy he lives by, J.O.Y.—Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself third, permeates everything at Changing Gaits. And he is always quick to remind people that with G.O.D.—Good Orderly Direction we can do anything.
D Renee' Reed-Baskin-Pautsch Barn Manager/Equine Specialist  Renee' joined the team in April of 2012 as a full-time staff member after volunteering off and on for a year or so.  She brings a passion for God, horses, helping others and appreciates and recognizes the gifts God  has blessed her with. She has a medical background as well as certifications in equine therapy and horse training.  She blends her experiences and knowledge of the Bible, people, horses, riding, and training to assist her through God's leading to help whomever the Lord send to CGI. She works with those in need of healing, the guys at the sober house and the general public while looking out for the health and welfare of the amazing herd God has provided. Her love of the Lord and willingness to tackle any given task with cheerful wacky sense of humor makes her a memorable asset.
Cheryl Shanahan Lead Counselor, LADC/ADCR Cheryl has been working in the Chemical Dependency Field as a Counselor since 1980. She has worked with persons from adolescent to senior citizens; persons from urban and rural communities as well as the inner city. She has attended ongoing educational workshops and seminars; including 36+ hours of cultural diversity: 25 hours and is Quest certified for prevention program offered by Lions Club International; 32 hours of recidivism programming with Bill Plum; many CEU's on Addiction, drugs and alcohol, Domestic Abuse, all other abuse issues; family and couples issues of communication and other issues related to the disease of addiction. Her expertise comes not only from education, but from her own personal experience as a recovering person herself since 1979, and within her own family. Being a horse woman herself, she shares a love of humans and horses with Guy Kaufman and Changing Gaits, Inc.
Rita Goff PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) International Certified Instructor & equine specialist in mental health and learning also OK Corral certified. Rita started volunteering at Changing Gaits in 2012. She is an awesome person and is always willing to help when needed. She is starting Therapeutic riding, with individuals or groups. She does either a one time session or weekly for 4-8 weeks. Talk with Guy to set up appointment with Rita.
Board Members Guy Kaufman-Executive Director Don Thiesen - Chairman Tim Mehner - Vice Chairman David Jaeger - Treasurer Kristina Ruis - Secretary Cheryl Shanahan - Officer Scott Mogren - Officer
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