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Psalm 91:11-13 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; You will trample the great lion and the serpent.
Amazing Place :) I started out volunteering in the fall of 2013. I was ordered to do 240 hours of community service. Now, as of December 2014 I am working in the office full time and enjoying every minute of it! We are working on getting grants to pay my salary, then I will be official!! :) Changing Gaits has changed my life. I was broken, lost and struggling before I started here. Now I have a sense of direction, an awesome relationship with Jesus Christ and I have just recently gotten back on a horse. Dee Dee was awesome to ride on, she was stubborn at first but by the time the 2 hour ride came to an end, she was relaxed, just as I was. Beautiful place. Guy and his awesomeness has totally been there for me since the day I started volunteering. A true man of God. :) Anyone who hasn't experienced the miracle of Changing Gaits, Inc is truly missing out. Come out to visit us anytime! We would be glad to have you!!! :)  ~Ashley I once was blind...Now I see Testimony : I walked through those gates back in 2008 a broken person. After so many years of dealing with so much pain and abuse, I was living a dysfunctional, broken life. I made bad choices based on the need that I had for others' affirmations. It was uplifting to see how one of the horses, Dozer, was able to help me and guide me on the right path! I have since gone on to speak about this wonderful place to all that I meet. I am healed...thank God for that! It was not instantaneous...for I am still a work in progress. But I give thanks to God daily for what I was taught by a man and his horses....I have been saved! Thank you, are truly a servant of the Lord! To Guy and his team       After visiting your ranch ( Changing Gaits) and seeing some of the many strategies for individuals battling with personal struggles we were optimistic about the hope that came from God's hand in this unique type of therapy.  It is nice to recommend a Christian based therapy that is different and enables people to see their challenges in a different light, through the use of a horse. It made the understanding of the battle so much more palatable and helped us see firsthand how we may be    approaching our habits, hang-ups, or challenges ineffectively.  We hope to see many individuals take advantage of this ministry and find hope in situations that have otherwise been meeting major resistance. God's Love and healing power is evident in Guy Kaufman's life.  Sincerely, TrentonEagle Brook Care Pastor Wing Guy,   How can I put this?  You have taught me a lot.  You have taught me that I can trust people again, how to trust, and how to trust God.  You have shown me what path I should take, and I've chosen to walk it.  You know that I am almost 17 years old, and I love you as a Dad that I never had.   My faith is getting stronger every day and I have you to thank. I'm not forgetting about Cheryl, she is another person that I can thank for changes in my life. I thank you guys a lot for all the effort and love that you have shown me. Now I can show the same love and effort to other people. I'm ready to change my life, get off the road that I'm on and onto the Lord's path of rightness. My Mom and I are getting along better. I thank you guys so much for showing me the way of the Lord.          Katie Thank you for being so nice to me and my family. You and the ranch have changed my point of view of everything. My life has changed because of the ranch but mostly you (Guy) and Dago. I've learned so much about God and horses in the past four months. This does not mean I will read and pray with everyone but I will when I am ready. Thank you for being a better father figure than my real dad. Love you and the guys. P.S. God love all of us. Kourtney Something With Horses... Kevin is my beautiful, lost 10-year old. On the outside and most of the time at school and in his studies, Kevin appears perfect. It’s when he is asked to comply with the rules of the world or to make an appropriate choice that he can’t. Kevin has always been challenging his “official diagnosis” of ADHD/ODD/SED - A lot of letters for one little boy! Often Kevin is withdrawn, empty, it seems nothing matters to him, but that is the tuff guy surface; he tries so hard to deal with the everyday demands of life that after awhile he just explodes with so much anger and rage. He has few friends and is very much the outsider.    My family’s experience at Changing Gaits started in June 2007 with six words, “Mommy, maybe that would help me.” Those words from a child with (five) years of therapy who never voices a need for help, stopped me in my tracks. All I heard was, “For more information, go to the WCCO Web site...” I went to bed that night knowing that no matter what it took, I was going to see if “something with horses” could reach a child that has been unreachable for years, and growing more violent and angry. The next day I clicked on the web site to Changing Gaits and a new relationship with my son and our family. Within a week, Kevin and I were at the ranch with an amazing man, Guy Kaufman, and this amazing idea about equine therapy and kids. I knew in the first hour we were there that we had FINALLY found someplace that had the possibility of a breakthrough and give my son, and society, some hope in and for his life. He went from all of his issues, to “maybe that would help me,” to a child that is using his coping skills, taking in what he is learning and using it. It’s not perfect, but it’s more progress then I have seen.   Since starting Changing Gaits, we have had only one issue where we had to call the crisis team; he no longer destroys his room, he is much more respectful, and he has a confidence about him that I have never seen. The difference is day and night. Changing Gaits is a very committed program and you have to put in a lot of effort as a family, but it all pays off. Gee Sugarsnap Thanks for all that you have done in my life helping me come closer to Jesus my Lord my Savior! My soul is always on fire for Jesus because you have helped me come closer to him! The people you work with and help really appreciate it! Congratulations on all those years you have had sober and all those years your gunna have an addiction free life! Your an amazing person! Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to work, ride horse and have fun with such amazing people and to go to devotions with such spirit filled amazing people! I know you are a really busy person so I can't wait to be old enough to officially work there! Everytime I walk in the front door, my soul goes crazy! You are like a father to me although no one can really truly replace him you are a really good father figure! You have given me motivation to go for Jesus like mad! Love the saying "too blessed to be stressed" and "God is God and I am not" I will always want to come up and help you guys! Don't hesitate to call or text me! Love you Gee Sugarsnaps!!! Guy, Since the first time you met me and Kourtney, you have been really nice! Thanks for letting us drive the truck and help out! We will help with whatever you need help with! Whenever you need help, call me! We love helping you and the guys and love everything you do for everyone! You are all awesome people! The environment we are in when we are there is like floating on clouds with Jesus! You all are really really nice! Keep up the good work!!  Bryce P.S. Love you and everyone there! God bless! I am a married woman with three amazing children. My daughter is 13, step daughter that is 10, and a son that is 7. My husband is currently abusing drugs and has walked out of our lives. He has been gone for almost three months now, but has struggled with addiction as long as I have known him. I have temporary custody of my step daughter due to her mom is struggling with her addiction and could no longer care for her. My daughter was also sexually assaulted this past summer. I currently work full time and attend college  almost full time.           Changing Gaits has helped us all deal with these issues in so many ways. They have helped us to learn how to work better as a family through communicating, understanding, listening to each other, respecting each other, and having more patients through this difficult time in our lives. Teaching us how to  take control back in our lives with the assistance of the horses as tools to help us learn how to do that, because I have learned a horse will mimic you and how you react. Over our sessions at Changing Gaits has taught my children how to work together as a team to get along and not to take out the pain of our situation out on each other. Our sessions have also helped my daughter (that was sexually assaulted) take control back in her life. The sessions have also helped her build her self-esteem back up and how to handle situations when peer pressure may be involved. Her sessions have helped her so much; I have started to see the young lady I knew before her assault. Changing Gaits has helped me get through this tough time in many ways. They have taught me how to stop enabling my husband’s addiction and gave me strength to do what I needed to do to protect my children and myself from his addiction, also help me with taking control back over my life. I realize now I cannot change him, but can change the way I am living my life. Guy Kaufman has been there for us when I just need someone to talk to when I felt lost and scared during this time in my life. He has helped give me strength when I felt like I was going to crumble into pieces. He has helped this family find god again and through god we can get through anything. Without the support and the things my family has learned during our sessions, I do not think we would be making it through this difficult time in our lives in such a positive way. I want to thank everyone at Changing Gaits for giving my family the strength and support to get through these very difficult times in our lives. Most Recent Testimony.... Hey there old man!! How's it going? I hope you and your family and the ranch had a merry Christmas and are staying warm. Just wanted to say hi and check in. Because of you, the Ranch, my family, my beautiful wife, my precious daughter and God I'm still clean. In this 2015 I've gotten married, bought a new house, my career is going well, I see my daughter every other weekend & we have a great relationship , I have a wonderful & loving marriage, a fantastic & loving relationship with my family and my wife & I are expecting a baby in late July!!!!! I'm certainly not bragging cause & it's not me who did I still struggle with things and I am very far from perfect & always will know me!!! Haha but I'm clean! I'm so blessed. I cannot tell you how blessed I am. Thanks Guy. I hope the ranch is doing well but also I hope YOU are doing well. Love you! Matt Thank you Guy, for all you have done for me. You have made my relationship with God stronger! You, changing gaits, and my relationship with God has made me a better version of me. With out you, soooo many lives wouldn't have been saved & changed, like the ones you have! About a year ago, I struggled just wanting to wake up in the morning, now, after everything you have taught me and helped me with, I am such a happy person that sometimes feels like I have the strength to hold the world. All my life, I have always wanted to help others struggling with mental health and addictions, just doing the things I have already done, I feel like I have changed a lot of people, that alone is my serenity. I have always had a goal to incorporate horses and helping others. Now because of God bringing you into my life, I have finally found my lifelong passion. I hope I can continue to help out the ranch in any way I can. Just being around the horses and the people struggling with mental illnesses and addictions makes me happy and I'm so happy doing all of it!! Anyways, thankkk yoouuuu soo much for everything youuuu have done for me, Guy! I can't even begin to explain the greatness you've brought into my life!! You are such a good 2nd father figure to me, loveeee yaaaa!!! GOD BLESSSS !!!!!!  Erika
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Prayer Tree :)   when I first contacted Guy, I was working for a small internet radio station and I was looking for animal related stories to showcase. I called Guy and left a message. he left me a message back that he was at the prayer tree taking some much needed God time and would return my message the following day to set up an interview. I listened to that message thinking, "prayer tree?" haha....I finally had one on one time with him and went for a trail ride...we went to the prayer tree and I finally  realized..."WOW!!!" this is a potent place! Took my daughter and her friend there about six weeks later...again we went to the prayer tree....said some prayers...all I can say is, on the way home, she told me that she had more healing there than she would have in her school counselor's chair! God is truly grand!              ~Diane