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Paralysis Therapy

Changing Gaits has big news! Equine therapy is now available for those with paralysis! Equipment and a lift are installed, our therapists are trained, and the horses are ready to give their love and healing to all. Come for the experience of a lifetime with riding a horse for the first time, sharing with caregivers and family, and creating a bond with your favorite horse. For many with paralysis, riding a horse has never been an option. Specialized saddles, helmets, trained horses and assistants now provide this option on an 80 acre ranch in a barn or outside on our trails, whichever is your preference. Expand your activity options to include a ride on an incredibly majestic and intuitive horse which could lead to a lifelong friendship and activity.


Guy Kaufman is excited to share the stories of success of those who have already been out to the ranch for this program. 


EAL / PARALYSIS 1 hour session $130
To book a ride and find out more, please call our office at

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