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“Changing Gaits has been an absolute blessing to my clients. Through the assistance of Guy and his horses, my clients have discovered answers about themselves that have been hidden for many years, and that have been masked by the use of chemicals.


I have been told testimony after testimony of the effectiveness of Guy’s open and honest approach with people. The first words I heard from his mouth were, “This is not mine. All the glory belongs to Jesus, my Lord and savior”.


Through his work, Guy has fostered a boldness in others to be confident in their faith of Jesus Christ. Not only within the walls of their own home, but publicly, freely, and radically! Guy and his ministry have been a shining light in the lives of myself personally, and of course to the people I serve.


I would like to thank Guy, his staff, and his volunteers for investing the love of Christ into my clients.


-Kelly Andersen, MS LPCC LADC

Program Developer / Mental Health Professional, Pine City, MN




"Equine Therapy has been a part of the Short-Term and Long-Term Women’s program during the summer months for the past 2 years. It has been so successful that we have offered it to the Men’s Program as well starting this past summer. It is a constant staple of conversation and buzz around who gets to go ride the horses and experience the atmosphere that only Equine Therapy can give.


It is one thing to get to ride the beautiful horses that Changing Gaits has but is another thing to get to bond with the horses and let them take away some pain and sadness that is a constant in the lives of our clients. We have had countless stories of women who were afraid to go and ended up wanting to go every weekend that it has been offered.


Equine is a special experience that we have been blessed with and are so grateful that we have given the opportunity to have this as a part of Minnesota Teen Challenge. Lives have been changed and memories have been created. We are truly blessed and excited for next season where we can introduce both the Men’s and Women’s programs to share in these experiences."


-Jeanna M. Roth, LADC and Alyssa Cunningham, LADC

MN Adult and Teen Challenge, Rochester, MN




"I work for the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge; a drug & alcohol treatment program. My team has had the privilege on a number of occasions to participate in team building activities at Changing Gaits. This has been very helpful for all of us and has positively impacted our entire department.


The time, energy, and love the team at Changing Gaits dedicates to serving others is immeasurable. I have known Guy Kaufman now for the past five years and have never heard him turn down anyone that needed help as a matter of fact all of his volunteer staff exemplifies the heart of servanthood. We definitely appreciate the opportunity that Changing Gaits presents to not only us but other organizations as well.


Spending time at Changing Gaits is something we look forward to every year!"


-Amber Jochem, C.P.P.

MN Adult and Teen Challenge, Rochester, MN




"I am the Senior Director at YMCA Camp St. Croix in Hudson, WI. We are one of the seven overnight camps of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities. Roughly 160 of our campers come specifically for horse programming. Over the past two years we have begun to send our older campers to Guy and his staff at Changing Gaits. Based on the experiences of the participants that we have sent his way, this coming summer we hope to be able to send even more youth.


There are two principle reasons that Changing Gaits is so good.

  1. They are excellent at teaching horse-work to youth. Our campers return having built new skills, with improved confidence, and having had a blast.

  2. Horse-work, in many ways, is secondary to person and social development and Changing Gaits. Modeled by the staff, our campers have been immersed in positive values and perspective while train with Changing Gaits.


We lend our vocal support to anyway that Changing Gaits can expand their vision and touch even more lives through their work."


-John Bussey,

YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, Day Camp Day Croix, Hudson, WI



"We signed up for monthly sessions at Northstar Behavior Health, a high intensity residential co-occurring treatment 16 bed facility. After our first experience, both counselors and residents alike returned having had profound experiences. I heard from many, including the seasoned counselors, that their equine experience at Changing Gaits had been the singular most impactful experience many had had to date, in regard to their gaining insight into themselves and their healing process.


By working with the horses under Guy’s incredible direction, the women were encouraged and challenged in respectful and impactful ways, to recognize their behaviors, thoughts and actions that were holding them back. They also learned through experiencing the challenges and tasks, how their actions impact others around them. They became able to tie their equine experiences in relevant ways to their patterns in life, and began to see how they needed and actually could make necessary changes that will lead to their healing and success in life.


We were so encouraged by the positive impact these sessions were having, we decided to make it a regular programming feature. We are very grateful for Guy and Changing Gaits and their incredible mission; it is evident that lives can change from these experiences."


-Wendy Stewart, MA, LADC

NorthStar Behavior Health, Cranberry Acres, MN



"The trail ride was great and the accompanying analogy for dealing with problems was a cool thing for my students to think about while on the trail ride. It was so beautiful and awesome to get out in nature on a horse and see God’s creation. You were great at making students (and me!) feel comfortable on a horse, even if they’ve never done it before. We had a great time! The horses were definitely the biggest hit!"


-Shelby Sjodin

First Baptist Church,Cambridge, MN



"A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking some of the gals from our support group to Changing Gaits. It was a wonderful experience for each one of them. They found it relaxing and healing. I am attaching two statements from our members highlighting our outing and on how much the day meant to them.


  • "I love the feeling of freedom, empowerment, and awe as we rode through the beauty of God’s creation and felt the wind on our faces and blowing through our hair. I also loved the symbolism of trying to get somewhere on our own effort and ending up where we didn’t want to be versus discovering that with the red rope (Christ’s blood and power) along with someone you trust (Jesus with skin on) you can make it! Thanks for an amazing, truly impactful day." – Kristin


  • "The ride really opened my heart, mind, and will to more fully trust that God has already provided everything we need to fully heal. It reminded me that as a child, just after my initial trauma, my friend and I would often ride her horse bare-backed and halter-less. Then as now, God provided me with His perfect provision, at just the right time, with just the right healing touch. He has been there, and HE will continue to be there to provide for me." – Joy A.


I would highly recommend Changing Gaits services, especially for those who have abuse and trauma issues in their background."


-Diane Stores

Door of Hope Ministries, Blaine, MN


"We visited Changing Gaits with our summer youth program. About 26 youth and several adults participated in an afternoon filled with scripture, horses, games, and lunch. Many of our youth are still talking about their experience at Changing Gaits. Guy and all the other Changing Gaits staff were a blessing and are truly living out their calling. It was a powerful experience to hear the store of Shadow and to hear of Guy’s promise to serve God.


In Ephesians we hear much about serving God, not to earn His grace, because grace is a gift, but serving, simply because of Jesus has done for us. Also in Ephesians, Chapter 2:19-20, Paul writes; Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the house of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.


No one is a stranger at Changing Gaits, This is a ministry for all streams of the church, a ministry for all people, young old those living with addictions, mental health challenges, physical challenges, and nevertheless life here on earth puts in our path. Jesus is absolutely the corner of this ministry and I look forward to bringing groups back in the future."


-Mary Johnson

Trinity North Branch Church, MN

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